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The Dubai Factor

Offering immense growth, the opportunities are growing for investors aiming for the expansion in Dubai Market.  

Economical-Growth-Rate 2

Economical Growth Rate 4.4 % in 2024

Business Startup in Dubai

PMI 56.6 in November

Business Startup in Dubai

FDI increase by 4.7% in 2030

Business Startup in Dubai

SME Contribution to GDP 41% by 2030

Business Startup in Dubai

Private Sector’s Contribuation by 29% by 2030


Discover Your Worldwide Business Potential

Discover the exclusive advantages of founding your business in Dubai. Make the most of Dubai’s beneficial tax environment to boost your business growth. 

Own 100% Of the Business from Any Part of the World

You can enjoy 100% ownership of the business providing control and authority.

Make the Most Of Dubai’s Amazing Location

Dubai acts as a gateway connecting trades to potential markets, assisting global brands.

Business Startup in Dubai

Benefit of Dubai’s Financing Ability

With $2 trillion worth of projects planned for Vision 2030, Dubai depicts devotion to strong investments.

The Benefit of Huge Economy

Dubai's succeeding financial sector imparts a firm base for businesses, offering financial services and support.

Things To Know Before Setting Up A Company In Dubai.

Depicting top-notch infrastructure, minimum tax policies, and a multi-ethnic lifestyle, Dubai offers a combination of opportunities and aptness for business owners and companies. The city continues to entice investors from all around the world. Similarly, Investors from the UK are also advancing towards Dubai because the city has become the trade center of the East. However, there is a huge talent gap for firms offering assistance in registration of the company, specifically in Dubai.  

Types of Investors Licences in Dubai:

You can apply for a variety of licences depending upon your needs. 

Industrial license
Industrial license
The estimated cost is about AED 25,000 (subjected to changes).

Contact the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) in Dubai.

Agriculture licenses in Dubai can be obtained through the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment.

Freelance permit
Freelance permit
Independent professionals can practice using their birth name rather than a brand identity.

The paid-up capital of an insurance company must not be less than AED 100 million.

Commercial license
Commercial license
For sales, shipping and logistics, supermarkets, shopping marts, real estate.

Digital marketing agency need a Professional License in Dubai.

The Small business license costs minimum AED 8000 to AED 10000 (approx.)

Documents Required for INVESTOR LICENSE In DUBAI

1. Trade licenses copy

2. Copy of legally attested company

3. Memorandum of Association (for partnership)

4. Local Service Agent Agreement (for sole proprietorship)

5. Company establishment copy

Business Startup in Dubai

Looking for top-notch

Business setup consultants in Dubai? Here we are!

Reach out to LANOP business and tax advisors as we provide the best UK company formation service in UAE, assisting you in drafting documents, Managing the submissions, setting up your bank accounts, doing follow-ups on work permits and licenses, providing general business advice and consultancy. We also offer customized dedicated accountancy solutions to businesses already operating in UAE, helping with payroll, taxation, bookkeeping, performance appraisal, budgeting, and forecasting for business expansion plans.  

If you are thinking about setting up a company in Dubai, Our expert tax and business consultants provide the best assistance to ensure a smooth and hassle-free route.  

Business Startup in Dubai

UK based companies in Dubai:

The reason why Dubai has evolved as the trade center of the East, is its reputation as a global intersection linking East and West. Many established brands are setting up a company in Dubai because ofthe benefits given by the government to business owners, the beautiful and happening lifestyle offered by the city, and the diversity and variety provided by the people. 

Economic zones of Dubai:

If you are all geared up about shifting or expanding your business in UAE, you must know the market, how the government operates and taxes, and what the consumer likes. Dubai has following economic zones:

Free zone:

  1.  Enjoy100 percent ownership of your business. 
  2. Companies can do business only in free zone or outside the country.   
  3. There are over 30 functional free zones in Dubai, each designed to cater a particular industry, offering free trade licenses.  
  4. The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, Dubai Airport Free Zone, and Dubai International Financial Centre are examples of free economic zones. 
  5. You can attain the licence through a single window system. 

Free zones restrict the scope of the company. 


  1.  The economic zone monitored by department of economic development. 
  2. You need a local sponsor to operate.  
  3. Business within the UAE is allowed.  
  4. Registering a business in mainland requires certain documents and permissions. 
  5. The cost of setting up a company in Dubai is minimum AED 25999.  
  6. Offers extended business opportunities and larger scope of work. 
Business Startup in Dubai

Advantages of shifting your business:

With Dubai Vision 2030 fueling monumental growth, the opportunity is ripe for Dubai expansion

Availability-of-Best-Talent 1

Diverse Consumer Market

Tax Benefits

Availability of Best Talent

Strategic Location of Dubai

Strategic Location of Dubai

Tax Benefits

Tax Benefits



Business License in dubai
Business License in dubai

The Department of Economic Development issues 3 licenses to investors setting up a company In Dubai.  

1. Professional license:

This is provided to artisans or professionals, such as medical staff, beauticians, and repairers.

2. Industrial license:

It is issued to businesses that transform natural materials and resources into final products, such as manufacturing, metal, paper, and tiles.

3. Commercial license:

It is given to trades that involve buying and selling goods, such as sales, Import and Export, shipping and logistics, supermarkets and shopping marts, real estate, etc.  

Corporation Tax in Dubai:

If you are setting up a company in Dubai, the new corporation tax of 9% has been in force since 1 June 2023 on profits above AED 375,000. However, the specific rules for salaries and deductions still need to be fully clarified.  

Value Added Tax in Dubai:

The value-added tax (VAT) in Dubai, UAE, is 5% and applies to most goods and services with some exemptions. “The 0% VAT rate applies to goods and services exported outside the VAT-implementing Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states.” 

If calculating it yourself becomes overwhelming, reach out to LANOP, your go-to  business setup consultants in Dubai, to ensure smooth and error-free registration.  

Corporation Tax in Dubai
Setting up a Company in Dubai is easier than you think:
Setting up a Company in Dubai is easier than you think:

For many reasons, setting up a company in Dubai is easier. The registration alone requires 90 minutes, and the Department of Economic Development requires 5 working days to register a company (excluding the government certifications, which may take time 

Advantages of shifting your business:

  1. Diverse consumer market. 
  2. Availability of best talent.  
  3. Strategic location of Dubai. 
  4. Tax benefits.  
  5. Residency. 
  6. Business friendly environment 
Trying to figure-out the requirements for setting up a company in Dubai?

Contact LANOP Business and Tax Advisors to help you form your ideal company. Our experts help maximize tax benefits, enabling focus more on running the business, clarifying the future of the industry, minimizing the risks, providing effective sales and marketing strategies, helping research the market trends of UAE, providing detailed analysis of the possible competition, register different forms of companies, help maintain business accounts, manage payroll, and give a thorough study on the performance of the business by generating and analyzing final reports. 

Trying to figure-out the requirements for setting up a company in Dubai?
How LANOP Helps in Setting Up a Company in Dubai:
How LANOP Helps in Setting Up a Company in Dubai:

Conducting thorough market research before setting up a company in Dubai is necessary because Even the most effective ideas fail without proper practical execution. We will help you with your surveys, data collection, and analysis, and the generation of reports after doing market research. 

  1. Providing support for Legal framework. 
  2. Performing regular follow-ups. 
  3. Assistance in making business plan and gaining licences. 
  4. Taking care of visa and residency requirements. 
  5. Assistance In Market Research. 

Meet Our Experts

Our team consists of skilled and experienced accountants and financial advisors. These professionals can assist individuals, entrepreneurs, business partners, and larger ventures with their financial and accountancy acumen. 


6 Simple Steps to Start Business in Dubai

As expert business setup consultants in Dubai, we can help you gather the correct documents on time so you can achieve your goal promptly and effectively. 
Approval of trade name
Setting Niche and economic zone
Document submission
Follow-up and coordination
Residency visa, emirates ID processing
Bank account opening assistance

Not sure where to begin?

Our team of experienced business setup experts is here to guide you through the process. Book a FREE business consultation call today and get answers to your most crucial questions:

Still thinking about the risk factor? 

Want to learn how to register? 

Do you know how to safely exit from your home country? 

Need any help future-proofing your business?  

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