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Self-Assessment is a system Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) uses to collect Income Tax. It is usually deducted automatically from wages, pensions, and savings. People and businesses with other income must report it in a tax return. It details an individual’s financial information, like earnings, expenditures, taxes, and national insurance, in a particular tax year. 


Self-Assessment tax returns must be completed once a year by either 31st October (paper returns) or 31st January (online returns). Your return declares how much taxable income you have earned in that financial year and lists any expenses or reliefs you may be eligible to claim. Under the Making Tax Digital initiative, annual returns will be replaced by quarterly updates. You’ll need an online HMRC account for this purpose. 


People with more than one income stream can use Lanop’s Self-Assessment service to eliminate the stress of filing accurate and timely tax returns. Our Self-Assessment Specialists ensure that you pay the least amount of taxes possible by providing a quick, accurate and compliant return as part of our extremely cost-efficient service. 


Lanop Accountants eliminate the need to search for an all-encompassing accountancy firm. Our corporate headquarters in London provide practical and efficient solutions to all your accounting needs. 


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To pay self-assessment tax in the UK, follow these steps: 

  1. Calculate Tax Liability: Determine the amount of tax you owe based on your self-assessment tax return. 
  2. Payment Methods: There are several ways to pay:  
  3. Online: Pay through the HMRC website using a debit/credit card or bank transfer. 
  4. Direct Debit: Set up a direct debit for future payments. 
  5. Bank Transfer: Use your bank’s online or telephone banking service. 
  6. Pay by Post: Send a check to HMRC with the payment slip from your tax bill.
  7. Payment Deadlines: Ensure you pay by the due dates to avoid penalties and interest charges. 
  8. Keep Records: Keep records of your payments and relevant tax documents for future reference.

To claim tax relief on a self-assessment form in the UK, follow these steps: 

  1. Identify eligible expenses for tax relief. 
  2. Complete the self-assessment form (SA100) accurately. 
  3. Enter claimed amounts for eligible expenses in the appropriate sections. 
  4. Attach supporting documents like receipts. 
  5. Submit the form and required documents to HMRC before the deadline. 
  6. Await confirmation from HMRC regarding any tax adjustments or refunds. 
  7. Keep copies of the submitted form and documents for record-keeping. 
  1. Calculate eligible working-from-home expenses, e.g., utility bills, internet, office supplies. 
  2. Choose between simplified expenses (e.g., £6 per week) or itemizing actual expenses if well-documented. 
  3. Complete the self-assessment form (SA100) and enter the total amount claimed under allowable expenses. 
  4. Provide a brief explanation of the calculation of the actual expense if chosen. 
  5. Submit the self-assessment tax return and required documents to HMRC by the deadline. 
  6. Retain records of expenses and supporting documents for future reference. 

The deadline for filing your Self-Assessment tax return is 31 January each year. For the tax year 2021-22, the due date to submit your taxes is 31 January 2023. It’s crucial to meet this deadline to avoid penalties and interest charges. Make sure to prepare and submit your tax return promptly to stay compliant with HMRC regulations. 

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Sole traders are individuals who own and operate their businesses. Managing finances and paying taxes are among their responsibilities, as well as finding customers and offering products and services. Keeping track of one’s finances can be difficult for sole traders due to the day-to-day responsibilities of their businesses.


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Our team consists of skilled and experienced accountants and financial advisors. These professionals are able to assist individuals, entrepreneurs, business partners, and larger ventures with their financial and accountancy acumen. 

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Because we understand how valuable your time is, you can trust Lanop’s team of tax experts with your self-assessments and registration on the HMRC online portal for an accurate, well-calculated, and timely declaration of tax liabilities. 

Rental Income

Our tax accountants specialise in the property sector. They will help you with tax planning, property tax, and rental income disclosure for resident and non-resident landlords. This advice includes property VAT planning, holding properties in a limited company, and splitting companies with trading and property investment activities. 

Let Property Campaign

Our tax specialists have significant experience dealing with voluntary tax disclosures and investigations. They can advise on the best strategy to adopt to minimise potential penalties and further negotiate affordable repayment terms with HMRC on your behalf. 

Capital Gains Tax Disclosures

Capital gains tax can be considered a voluntary tax because, with effective planning, it can be avoided, reduced, or delayed to a future date. Our CGT experts can help reduce your CGT bill by fully using available allowances and reliefs and applying valid tax deductions. We will also prepare and submit assessments within 30 days of completion. 

Lanop’s wide knowledge of industry-specific tax reliefs and in-depth counselling on tax saving and investment planning for individuals and corporations make us your true friend when planning for taxes. Give us a call. We will make your life easier. 

All types of tax investigations are handled at Lanop. Our expert chartered accountants offer competent advice on subjects such as COP 8 (Tax Avoidance), COP 9 (Suspected Serious Fraud), HMRC Nudge Letter, Disclosure Facilities, fraud, VAT and PAYE investigations.  


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