HMRC Self-Assessment Helpline Closed Between 12th June 2023 to 4th Sep 2023

Latest Updates on HMRC Self-Assessment

In a concerning development for UK taxpayers, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has recently announced the temporary closure of the self-assessment helpline until September. This announcement, made considering serious resourcing problems faced by the tax authority, significantly impacts its ability to provide timely assistance to individuals navigating the complexities of self-assessment procedures.  

According to an official announcement by HMRC on Friday, 9th June, the HMRC self-assessment helpline with the contact number 0300 200 3310 will be temporarily closed for an extended period, starting from 12th June, and continuing until 4th September 2023. During this time, a trial will be conducted to redirect Self-Assessment queries from the helpline to HMRC’s digital services. 

This move comes in response to HMRC’s resourcing problems, highlighting the challenges faced by the tax authority in providing adequate support to taxpayers seeking assistance with their self-assessment procedures. By temporarily closing the helpline and exploring alternative digital channels, HMRC aims to streamline the handling of queries and leverage technology to better serve the public. 

Upon the completion of the trial period, the self-assessment helpline will be reopened on 4th September 2023. This move is specifically aimed at providing customers with expert support in the crucial 5-month period leading up to the Self-Assessment deadline on 31st January 2024. By reinstating the helpline before the deadline, HMRC ensures that customers can receive personalized assistance and guidance during the critical phase of tax preparation and submission. 

The closure of the helpline will result in freeing up approximately 350 advisers (full-time equivalent), who will be redeployed to handle urgent calls on other lines and efficiently respond to customer correspondence. This strategic reallocation will empower these advisers to address around 6,600 urgent calls per day, ensuring that customers in critical need of assistance can access expert support promptly. 


What Options are Available?  

Employment or PAYE Queries: 

Contact HMRC’s income tax helpline at 0300 200 3300. 

Self-Assessment Queries:  

  1. Access online resources on HMRC’s website: Self Assessment tax returns: Overview – GOV.UK (  
  2. Use HMRC’s Webchat Service for real-time assistance: Self Assessment: chat – Ask HMRC – GOV.UK (  
  3. Access your Personal Tax Account for certain information. 
  4. Contact HMRC’s Extra Support Team for specialized assistance: 0300 200 3300. 
  5. Send a letter to HMRC at Self-Assessment, HM Revenue and Customs, BX9 1AS. Note that postal delays have improved, but there may still be some delay. 

How can Lanop Help?  

If you are still experiencing any issues or have further questions, we are here to assist you. Please do not hesitate to contact us, click here or Call Us: 0208-392-9375. 

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  2. Digital Solutions: As a fully digital accounting firm, Lanop embraces technology to optimize our services. We leverage innovative digital tools and platforms to facilitate smooth communication and timely responses, bridging the gap left by the helpline closure.
  3. Online Resources: Rely on Lanop’s comprehensive online resources to find answers to common queries and gain insights into various Self-Assessment procedures. Our user-friendly resources empower you with information at your fingertips.
  4. Real-Time Assistance: Benefit from our Webchat Service, allowing you to engage in live conversations with our experts. Get real-time solutions to your Self-Assessment queries without any delays.
  5. Tailored Support: At Lanop, we understand that each client’s situation is unique. Our bespoke solutions are designed to address your specific needs and ensure a seamless experience, even during challenging times. 


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