HMRC Tax Investigations

All types of tax investigations are handled at Lanop. Our expert chartered accountants offer competent advice on subjects such as COP 8 (Tax Avoidance), COP 9 (Suspected Serious Fraud), HMRC Nudge Letter, disclosure facilities, fraud, VAT and PAYE investigations.  

We realize how essential it is to manage HMRC investigation issues calmly and to go through the entire procedure of submitting a reply on time, along with all required documents, when HMRC initiates a tax investigation on a person or corporation. Due to the rising frequency of HMRC  tax investigations putting businesses in danger, we have devised an exclusive consultation to assist you through these serious inquiries that are becoming increasingly common.  

By identifying industry-specific reliefs, simplifying your tax payments, and minimizing fines, our team of tax professionals can support you with HMRC investigations using their expertise and practical approach.  

Lanop ensures that all assessment and penalty issues are effectively addressed by completing all compliance checks pertaining to income tax, corporate tax, self-assessment, PAYE, National Insurance, IR35, VAT and National Minimum Wage. 


HMRC Tax Investigations

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An HMRC tax investigation is a review carried out by HM Revenue and Customs to check if individuals or businesses have paid the correct amount of tax and complied with tax laws. It involves examining financial records and tax returns to identify any discrepancies or non-compliance issues. They request information such as tax payments, accounts, tax returns, PAYE records (for employers), and VAT returns (if registered) via letter or call.  

You don’t need to notify HMRC of savings interest if it falls within tax-free allowances, like Personal Allowance and Personal Savings Allowance. The Starting Rate for Savings may also apply. If your interest exceeds these limits, you may need to report it through Self Assessment or have your tax code adjusted automatically if employed. Reclaim tax on savings interest paid below the allowance within 4 years of the relevant tax year through a Self-Assessment Tax Return or form R40. 

You can directly contact HMRC, call their helpline at 0300 200 3300 or contact them on their official website: 

Their official postal address: HM Revenue & Customs, PO Box 4000, CARDIFF, CF14 8HR.

You can request a copy of your P60 from HMRC if you need one. However, you need to contact your employer or former employer first, as they are responsible for providing you with the P60. If your employer is unable to provide a copy or if you have any issues, you can contact HMRC directly for assistance. They will guide you on the necessary steps to obtain a copy of your P60.

Lanop specializes in handling all types of tax investigations. Our expert chartered accountants provide advice on COP 8, COP 9, HMRC Nudge Letter, disclosure facilities, fraud, VAT, and PAYE investigations. With Lanop’s assistance, you can have confidence in managing HMRC tax investigations, mitigating risks, and achieving the best possible outcome. 

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Statutory Residence Test Explained

On the 6th of April 2013, the statutory Residence Test was introduced by HMRC to determine the residence status of individuals with connections to the UK. In a globalized world where people frequently move across borders for work, family, or personal reasons, understanding one’s tax residence status is essential. The SRT was created to clarify and consistently define an individual’s tax residence in the UK. 


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Steven George-Hilley
Our accountancy partners from the very beginning. A great team that tailors its services around the needs of the client, always available for advice, whenever its needed. Love working with them.
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Asfand tahir
I really don’t know where to start from i can not explain my happiness into words i can try but for sure there must be so many praises remains at the end Thanks indeed indeed Zaib And Lanop all team you guys are amazing i would say if I didn’t have you guys i would have been failed in many things All credit to Lanop what a brilliant firm Lanop Its all about you Zaib And Rehmat Thanks indeed you have done amazing job due to your work i have got my Tier 1 extension application successful within 47 days I can’t believe that i am so happy what a job you did I would advise Everyone come to Lanop for 100% guaranteed success in your immigration matters and all other accounting purposes Trust me, When name comes to success and successful it means Zaib. Big thanks to Rehmat What a team i had they are so lovely i disturbed them alot but they answered me every time For all my enquiries Rehmat the legend thanks indeed no words for you words are far behind, can’t explain you in words Rehmat and Tahir sorry I disturbed you alot and indeed you still helped every time. Rehmat is Very very professional the way he works I don’t think anyone does that way in entire country. Sidra Thanks alot for amazing help indeed You are amazing I dont know how to say how much i am happy from your work as well Kainat you too thanks alot Rehmat all credit goes to you thanks alot without your help I won’t be able to write all this today I am so grateful to you all What a team. Make sure guys you join Lanop without wasting anytime. Lanop Accountants ZINDABAD
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jas singh
I have been a client of Lanop Accountants for the last 4 years and am extremely happy with their services. Zaib and his entire team is extremely professional and dedicated; they always respond swiftly and take personal interest in the business case. I have special words of praise for Rehmat and Waqar as they both helped me in my visa extension process immensely. Zaib has built a team of dedicated professionals and the work ethics speaks volumes about their firm. I would definitely recommend them!
Vinnit Patel
Vinnit Patel
Very professional services, extremely pleased with the advice and work carried out on our accounts.
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László Kohányi
I like their flexible approach. I had a bunch of small problems what was too little to big firms but too big for me. They explained the process, fees etc and solved my troubles. Price wise also been on the better side. Personally I recommend Rehmat. He is super responsive.
Having been a client of Lanop Accountants for nearly 5 years, can't recommend them highly enough. Great professional team working 24/7 to meet every customers's need.
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Eda Kendirli
Best and accurate service. Saved me so much time and money.
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Femi Yusoof
I have been using Lanop Accountants for more than 3 years, and could not recommend them more highly to any one starting out in business or established business practice. Their professionalism, promptness and excellent customer service makes them in my opinion second to none.
I used Lanop accountants to file some paperwork with HMRC as a non-dom resident. I’ve been very happy and impressed with their work so far. Zaib has been very knowledgeable and helpful. I recommend them and plan to use them again.

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Our team consists of skilled and experienced accountants and financial advisors. These professionals are able to assist individuals, entrepreneurs, business partners, and larger ventures with their financial and accountancy acumen. 

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Inheritance Tax planning encompasses the proactive preparation for the orderly transfer of an individual’s assets to their chosen beneficiaries upon their passing. The primary goal of inheritance planning is to facilitate a smooth and efficient transfer while maximizing the value of the estate and minimizing tax obligations. 

The Worldwide Disclosure Facility (WDF) is a digital service that HMRC provides. It enables taxpayers to voluntarily report any non-compliance with offshore regulations regarding their international financial interests. This facility is open to individuals, companies, and trustees, regardless of whether they are residents in the UK. 

Research and Development (R&D) tax credits are a UK government initiative to encourage innovation in science and technology. These credits are financial incentives for companies engaging in pioneering projects, fostering progress and excellence within their industries. By offering financial support, R&D tax credits enable businesses to invest in accelerating their research and development efforts, hiring additional staff, and fuelling overall growth. 

The Let Property Campaign (LPC) is an initiative by HMRC to help landlords resolve any past tax issues related to their rental income. The LPC provides a way for landlords to come forward and disclose any unpaid taxes, with favorable settlement terms compared to potential HMRC investigations. This approach often results in minimal penalties if the disclosure is accurate and complete. 

Your business must register with HMRC if your VAT Taxable Turnover is over £85,000. On top of the initial registration process, our VAT professionals will also help you plan, prepare, and file all necessary paperwork ensuring that returns are filed correctly and on time. 

COP 9 Suspected Serious Fraud Investigations

When a taxpayer fails to use reasonable caution and HMRC suspects severe fraud, an investigation may be launched under COP9. 

HMRC may potentially want substantial documentation dating back 20 years during this inquiry.

COP 8 (Tax Avoidance) Investigations

Your business must register with HMRC if your Taxable VAT Turnover is over £85,000. On top of the initial registration process, our VAT professionals will also help you plan, prepare and file all the necessary paperwork on your behalf, ensuring your returns are filed correctly and on time. 


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Aurangzaib Chawla

At Lanop, I am providing my services as the Managing Partner and Tax Specialist. My expertise includes helping medium and small-scale businesses in their accountancy and legal requirements, business start-up support, strategic review, payroll system review and implementation, VAT and tax compliance to cloud accounting. I am also an expert in financial reporting, identifying and monitoring risks, strategic business development, client retention, market acquisition and deals closure by carefully planning my sales cycle. 


Shabeer Yousuf

Shabeer is passionate about providing down-to-earth practical solutions in answer to even the most complex of tax investigations.

Shabeer qualified as a Chartered Tax Adviser with KMPG and became a Senior Consultant at the firm.

With over 25 years of experience in tax investigation and planning, he always ensures that clients receives true value for money in the advice he provides on related investigation matters.


Sean Palmer

Sean is a Chartered Tax Advisor who has spent his career specialising in tax investigation work on both sides of the fence. Sean spent 9 years as an Inspector of Taxes, before jumping ship and working for a similar number of years in the tax investigation departments of both BDO and Ernst & Young. Sean has extensive experience of HMRC tax investigations into cases of suspected serious fraud (Code of Practice 9 cases), having successfully defended numerous clients subjected to the COP9 process.

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